World Health Organization

Redlink is providing the new search for the World Health Organization web site.

The Challenge

WHO publishes hundreds of new documents every month in the six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish), including both HTML pages and PDF documents. They have made a tremendous effort to improve their publication processes, and they were looking at translating that effort into better search results for their users.

The Solution

The solution provided by Redlink enhances the indexing process by analyzing both content and annotations. The process is completely transparent for the editors. The system is fed with custom vocabularies representing the primary information about the WHO domains and content, such as the health topics, which empower the enhancing process. All those enhancements are directly available for the user in form of different techniques: keyword search, faceted search, auto-suggestion, spell checking, etc.

The data is managed by the Redlink Platform, which uses SKOS to for the vocabularies which will be used to drive the analysis processes. The search is based on Apache Solr, enhanced with the Redlink Solr Plugin, hosted in our cloud platform and integrated in the WHO web site using RESTful web services.


Entity based Search