Sensefy is a set of extensions developed by Zaizi that leverages the advanced semantic enrichment and linked data capabilities of Red Link platform to bring advanced information retrieval capabilities to modern content management systems like Alfresco, Drupal and Crafter and search engines like Elastic Search and Amazon Cloud Search.

The Challenge

Leveraging enterprise information is no easy task, especially when unstructured information represents more than 80% of enterprise content. Meaningfully structuring content is critical for companies, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Enrichment is becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of tasks related to information retrieval.

With the Semantic Web moving towards full realisation thanks to the Linked Data initiative and with the interest of major search engines in structured data, the enterprise search world is finding it more attractive to make its information machine readable and exploit that information to improve search over its content.

The Solution

Sensefy offers an highly configurable environment where the administrator can manage the semantic enrichment from high level to the deep details.

Sometimes, the proper resources to provide advanced search on a document corpus are not easy to obtain. In order to generate these, our approach includes a number of unstructured data processing mechanisms the goal of which is to automatically extract semantic information:

  • Extract content from heterogeneous data sources
  • Extract domain information and enrich the content through different NLP processes like Named Entity Recognition, Coreference Resolution, Entity Linking and Disambiguation, and Topic Annotation
  • Create specialised indexes to store the semantic information extracted

To provide this, Sensefy leverages the power of Redlink, a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) running on a distributed cloud infrastructure.