Linked Tourism in Salzburg


Reinhard Lanner, Digital Media and Online Marketing at SalzburgerLand Tourismus GmbH

“As a major Tourism Agency in Austria it is our task to be at the cutting edge of data driven content syndication to ensure that our content and services are available at all times regardless of device. Redlink is our data technology partner to link across our data sites map to our business needs and syndicate to developers and partners, so that we stay focused on ensuring high quality data.”

The Challenge

Every traveller in the World is unique.  Even the same person when travelling with family or alone has completely different needs. Personalizing the tourism experience is one of the key challenges Salzburger Land Tourismus wanted to address for making a stay in their region as pleasant and as successful as it can be.

Making it easy for a traveller to access key information before getting to destination and sharing and disseminating this information across 40+ local information centres and multiple touchpoints (including websites, newsletters and mobile applications) including third party applications with reasonable effort is crucial for the entire sector.

The Solution

Redlink in partnership with Insideout10 has designed a Linked Open Data strategy by buidling a data hub for all relevant information in Salzburger Land. Information previously locked in proprietary databases has been made accessible using RDF triples stored in Redlink and publish over CKAN (an open source data portal).Lifting legacy data to linked data five star compliance has paved the way for quick integration with external data sources such as foursquare and TripAdvisor.


Linked Data Publishing