Redlink services allow automatic extraction of facts from unstructured product descriptions.


Matthias Heimböck, CEO/Founder of FINDOLOGIC

“Search is the lifeblood of any eCommerce shop, with Redlink we are now able to automatically extract facts from the unstructured product descriptions and make the links available in our search solution. Now our clients can search and compare products at a level of detail that is even surprising me. We are excited about all the new data driven services we will be able to offer our eCommerce clients, keep it coming Redlink!”

The Challenge

Textual description of products contain important information, which are not available as metadata of the product, e.g. different sizes, colors and weights. Using these “facts” would lead to an better faceted search and drilldown for the customers.

The Solution

The Redlink platform provides services to automatically extract such “facts” from descriptions of the product items, and store them together with existing metadata within the search index. Together with plugins for mainstream search technologies it seamlessly blends in existing workflows. The generous setup and the ability to add new measurements and fact types makes this application easily extendable for several domains.

 100000 entries


Fact Extraction