Redlink partnering with TourPack to build "On-demand Data-driven Touristic Service Packages"

John Pereira


We are excited here at Redlink to partner with TourPack to bring our content analysis and linked data services to the Tourism marketTourPack aims to build a linked data -empowered system for touristic service packaging. Integrating information from multiple sources and systems employing linked data as a global information integration platform, and mining from the depths of the “closed” data silos, the touristic service package production system will be able to cater to creating the best travel experience for travelers.

TourPack Redlink  along with the TourPack partners will work on the next generation of technologies for e-Tourism that can be easily deployed in the hospitality industry and needed to ensure visibility, interaction, and access to tourist services.
Specifically, TourPack aims to design and implement a scalable online service packaging and provisioning solution based on machine-processable semantics. The  service packaging, such as accessing, interacting, and value exchange (i.e., booking) of tourism services and their combinations will use linked data as a global integration standard. 

We hope to support the hospitality industry in optimizing their revenue and profit management through easy and liquid booking across numerous channels and through numerous devices.
With linked data information can be read by computers, linked to other data and shared among different systems. The data is expressed in a way that enables its meaning to be understood by machines: this is done using knowledge models expressed in the form of ontologies, custom vocabularies and further enhanced with interlinking to knowledge graphs (these large networks of concepts are based on W3C standards and represent all kind of things belonging to a specific domain – Tourism in our case).
Creating a linked data infrastructure for Tourism means making information about sights, restaurants, hotels, attractions, holiday themes and tour packages easily searchable for World travellers on the web. By understanding meanings (with machine-processable semantics) and using publishing vocabularies like we can even trigger on third party platforms like Google automatic actions such as placing a reservations or authorising a payment.
Bringing back the control of this data in the hands of operators and service providers means empowering them towards low-fee (e.g., direct) booking opportunities hence increasing their share of income that is otherwise taken by external providers (these being nowadays the major players of this industry).