Jakob Frank

Jakob Frank received his Master’s degree (MSc) at the Vienna University of Technology in 2010. In his theses he investigated the potential of collaborative music consumption on mobile devices and automatic playlist generation based on content analysis and recommendation.

In March 2013, Jakob joined hands with friends and colleges starting the adventure of building up Redlink. As Solution Architect he helps customers to make sense of their vast amount of unstructured data hidden in their proprietary data silos.

Since December 2012 he is Committer to the Apache Marmotta (incubating) project, an Open Plattform for Linked Data. The Apache Marmotta Linked Data Platform is also one of the core pillars of the Redlink platform.

In April 2011, Jakob joined the Knowledge and Media Technologies group at Salzburg Research. His main focus is on Linked Data, Linked Media and Semantic Search and Enhancement.

From February 2007 to March 2011, he was working as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology. As member of Prof. Andreas Rauber’s team he focused on music information retrieval and the organization of and access to large media databases, especially on mobile devices.

Jakob Frank was also involved in the European projects MUSCLE NoE and CHORUS+, in the local organizing committees of scientific conferences in Vienna (ECDL 2005, ISMIR 2007 and iPres 2010) and as a co-reviewer for a number of top-level conferences in computer science (ECDL 2007-2009, ICADL 2007/2008, JCDL 2009 and SIGIR 2009).

Jakob Frank

Solution Architect