Andrea Volpini

Co-founder of InSideOut10 an innovative Internet startup and director of Interact Egypt (an egyptian award winning creative digital agency focusing on the African continent) with eighteen years of world-class experience on Content Management, Digital Media and SoLoMo (Social + Local + Mobile).

Andrea Volpini is a visionary entrepreneur focused on hi-tech startups working on innovation management with a strong footprint on emerging markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In 1995 Andrea started his working experience in the ISP market pioneering the digital media revolution. After the successful startup of his first Internet company at the age of 18, he sold the company and in 1997 he joined Interact focusing on value added multimedia services. He served Interact as the General Manager and under his guidance the company became in 2008 a joint stock company. In 2006 Andrea increased the involvement of the company on the international markets and in 2009 he co- founded and started-up Interact Egypt as branch in Egypt.

Andrea in 2011 twisted completely his life, sold his shares of Interact, co-founded InSideOut10, acquired the egyptian company and he’s now focusing on SoLoMo, Semantic Web and Neural Networks. In March 2013 InSideOut10 co-founded Redlink.

Andrea Volpini

Sales Advisor