Text Analysis & Entity Linking

Redlink offers named entity extraction and linking, fact extraction, topic classification, and fact linking from textual and media documents in different languages.

You can send text and get back facts and entities that have been automatically identified. In addition, the service provides references to existing datasets (public datasets such as Dbpedia and Freebase, as well as custom user-created vocabularies such as a product database) about the entities identified in the content.

You can create your own custom configuration with some simple steps, e.g. by adding advanced natural language processing features or commercial datasets.


  • Entity extraction: identify the proper nouns, i.e. people, organizations, locations, custom concepts, other things, etc.
  • Entity reconciliation: identify ranked list of potential entities matching a criteria
  • Topic classification: classify content in a knowledge schema
  • Content segmentation: divide content into meaningful units, such as words, sentences or topics
  • Content summarisation: automatic generation of summaries
  • Sentiment analysis: determine the overall sentiment
  • Language detection: detect 100+ languages
  • Ready-to-use indexed data: use open datasets such as DBpedia, Geonames, Freebase
  • Customization: Use your own dataset to find your entities

Check out our Content Analysis API Documentation