Application development

Redlink offers services to build your own applications by combining existing analysis tools and datasets. At our marketplace you can integrate 3rd-party tools and datasets.

The Redlink Platform is implemented as “Software as a Service” (SaaS) running on a distributed cloud infrastructure. Users can access the system through a uniform web service API using a private API key to identify themselves. All requests to the API are handled by a single gateway (Redlink API Manager) which takes care of accounting and forwards the requests to backend clusters providing the necessary functionality.


  • Dashboard: The Dashboard makes it easy for users to configure their custom services (e.g. composing a content analysis chain or publishing a dataset), create API keys for their applications, and keep control over the resources they spend in the Redlink Platform.
  • SDK: The SDK offers native integration of the Redlink services into the most common programming environments. A developer can simply configure the SDK with an API key and is then able to access the functionality without needing to explicitly call web services.
  • Cloud: The Platform is implemented as a private cloud infrastructure with controlled entry points to ensure security and privacy of user data. All web service requests are managed by the “API Manager”. Depending on service, the request is then handled by the “Content Analysis Cloud”, the “Semantic Search Cloud”, or the “Linked Data Service Cloud”.