Redlink's 90seconds of fame at the Pioneers Festival

John Pereira


[mt_dropcap style=”3″] Y [/mt_dropcap]es, Redlink is excited to get 90 seconds to speak to the masses at this year’s Pioneers Festival in Vienna.


But in the event that you are not part of the lucky crowd here is a preview of what I intend to say:

Intro 10”

My name is John Pereira. I am CEO and Founder of Redlink. We offer a cloud service for content analysis, linked data, and semantic search.

Problem 30”

Providing relevant content and ads across multiple channels has become the lifeblood of the news and media sector. Success is measured by findability and visitor engagement.

Solution 30”

At Redlink we provide a cloud service that helps online publishers build their own publishing knowledge graph to drive content monetisation. We automatically analyse, enhance and link data to provide better targeted ads, smart content re-use and multi-channel publishing.

Our core technology is happily developed in Salzburg and open source; our plugins are smart and friendly, so yes, easy to access, easy to configure no vendor lock-in and no expensive upfront costs. We integrate into many major content management frameworks and enterprise applications.

Next steps 10”

We’re proud to announce our beta APIs for Alfresco, WordPress and Drupal. Further extensions will follow shortly. We are also gearing up to open a brand new marketplace for semantic application components in the coming weeks.

Request 10”

We’re looking for venture capital to build the first cloud platform for Semantic Enrichment, Linked Data and Information Discovery.

We also seek hi-end system integrators, startups and developers to make sure our tools are used for building a better and smarter planet.

Andrea VolpiniChristian Kleinferchner and myself will be attending the event, feel free to drop us an email at (or simply contact us from the site) to book a meeting and have a beer together.

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