Making Sense of Hidden Data

John Pereira


Enterprises and other organisations nowadays typically own big amounts of very heterogeneous and distributed data. Even as an individual, your personal data is ever increasing.

Under “making sense”, we understand uncovering the hidden value of your data by combining it with other data and building applications that support you in exploring, in finding, in making important decisions, in gathering new knowledge that was not imminent before. Unfortunately, most of this data is hidden in proprietary formats and databases, or even in unstructured content like text documents, images, videos and the like. As a consequence, it gets increasingly hard to really make sense out of data.

Redlink is here to help you. Based on Open Source technologies Apache Marmotta, Apache Stanbol, and Apache SOLR, we offer a collection of tools that can help discovering hidden value and building applications that turn your data in something you can turn into business advantages, into added value for your users, into knowledge gain, or just into saved time when trying to find something you thought was lost. If you want to see what our technology can do for you, please visit our demo.

    • Apache Marmotta is an implementation of the so-called Linked Data Platform; it allows you to express and connect your data in a uniform and versatile data model and provides interoperability with many other data tools out on the Web; at Redlink, we offer you additional tools that make it easier for you to turn your legacy structured data sources (like databases or spread sheets) into this uniform data model and interlink them; based on this uniform data model, we provide simple-to-use APIs that make it easy to build applications – in the programming environment you prefer

Apache Marmotta

  • Apache Stanbol is a framework that allows extracting data that is currently hidden in unstructured documents like text, images or video using avanced natural language processing and multimedia analysis; we integrate this framework into our offering because we realised that much of the valuable data is currently hidden not in databases but in such content; with Stanbol and Marmotta, you can get at this hidden data, connect it with other data, and build other applications on top
  • Apache SOLR is a blazingly-fast search engine based on which we can offer advanced search and anaylsis functionalities; our Redlink platform provides a straightforward way to make the data represented by Apache Marmotta and your own CMS system available to Apache SOLR; on top of SOLR, we offer advanced functionalities like semantic search, recommendations, or analysis

Together, these three technologies form the Redlink Platform. We realise that mastering such a technology can be a challenging task. We have therefore decided to offer the technology not only hosted at your premises but also via an easy to use cloud-based service (Platform as a Service). In both cases, the platform is complemented with a straightforward API that makes integration with your existing software simple.

Note: Apache Stanbol™, Apache Marmotta™ and Apache Solr™  are trademark and projects of the  Apache Software Foundation independent of Redlink.