Linked Data track at the ApacheCon Europe 2014

Sergio Fernandez


ApacheCon brings together the open source community to learn about and collaborate on the technologies and projects driving the future of open source, big data and cloud computing. Apache projects have and continue to be hugely influential in the innovation and development of software development across a plethora of categories from content, databases and servers, to big data, cloud, mobile and virtual machine.

The developers, programmers, committers and users driving this innovation and utilising these tools will meet in Budapest on November 17-19, for collaboration, education and community building.

In the last years Linked Data has become an important topic in the Apache Software Foundation, with projects such as JenaMarmottaStanbolClerezza and Any23. Redlink supports the event by co-chairing a dedicated track about Linked Data. The track aims to be a place where all these projects can meet to explore synergies across the different projects and developers. It is also particularly interesting for us to connect with other data-intensive projects to discuss their approaches with Semantic Web technologies.

Last week the Apache Software Foundation officially announced the schedule. The programme has many interesting technical talks. Here is where you can meet some Redlinkers presenting our technology:

Looking forward to meet you in Budapest this coming November!