Eight players joined hands to commence services in April

Andrea Volpini


Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H. (Managing Director: Siegfried Reich) announces that the eight entities of Insideout10 Srl, Zaizi Limited, Dr. Sebastian Schaffert, Rupert Westenthaler, John Pereira, Jakob Frank, Thomas Kurz and Sergio Fernández have agreed to join hands to set up Redlink a Platform-as-a-Service to deliver World-wide linked data services, content enrichment and semantic search.

Redlink PaaS are already being used by users around the World using WordLift 2.5 (a Plug-in for WordPress) and will be activated for selected clients in April 2013.

Prior to the launch of services, the partners established RedLink GmbH (hereinafter Redlink) in March 5, 2013 to proceed with preliminary work. Each partner is accelerating his efforts to solidify the platform Redlink aiming to kick-start in April as planned. The amount of capital investment and the percentage of ownership after the implementation of allocation of new shares are described in the following page.

Each involved party aims to contribute in developing and expanding the semantic web industry by offering an end-to-end cloud based framework for linked data, text annotation and semantic search using Apache Stanbol, Apache Marmotta and Apache Solr.