Democratising Semantic Technologies

John Pereira


This may seem like a strange title for a first blog by a first time managing director of a startup. But it seems apt to describe the spirit behind Redlink.

[mt_image src=”” align=”left” alt=”Photo”]With our DNA firmly anchored in the world of semantic technologies and linked data (research and software development) we became over the last few years increasingly frustrated by the lack of friendly open source software solutions supporting the wider adoption of semantic technologies. So towards the end of 2012, the mildly disgruntled researchers amongst us equipped with our latest software goodies went in search of street smart business partners to change this.

In our bag of goodies was Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta (in incubation) as core pillars of our solution. Both the result of many years of research (more of this in a future post). One of the research projects, Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS), was especially critical in exposing us to the right business network. My role in the IKS  project was building the business and development community around the software projects. This proved an excellent opportunity to gauge the commercial potential (through IKS early adopters programme) of our software and eventually put me in contact with a great bunch of people. Aingaran Pillai CEO of Zaizi and Andrea Volpini CEO of InsideOut10 were so convinced by the software that we soon moved onto the planning of what would eventually become Redlink.

But rather than bore you with my take on how we intend to conquer the tech world or make the world a better place – (I agree the last one may be a toughie) – the team will explain in their own words over the next couple of posts, how they see Redlink making a difference.

Let’s kick-off then, with Andrea Volpini, officially Head of Marketing but more importantly our guy with the vision of where we want to go. A good part of this is in the company name Redlink.