We drive innovation in research projects

Our continued investment in research and innovation is critical to ensure that our products and solutions are of the highest quality for our clients.

We participate in several national and international research projects to improve our excellence in linked data, content analysis, and search. If you want to partner with Redlink in research and innovation activities – we are looking for:

  • research and innovation activities that offer industrial validation of our technologies across multiple business process.
  • research and innovation activities that will evolve our technology stack to process a greater variety of data and incorporate more information extraction technologies to help our clients gain more insight on their data. 

Currently Redlink participates in the following research projects:

Social Sentiment Indices providing Business ISSIXnsights

Redlink contributes the Redlink Platform services and its expertise in building infrastructures for data pipelines to the SSIX research project . Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores (SSIX) aims to provide European SMEs with a collection of easy to interpret tools to analyze and understand social media users attitudes for any given subject; these sentiment characteristics can be exploited to help SMEs to operate more efficiently resulting in increased revenues. Social media data represents a collective barometer of thoughts and ideas touching every facet of society. SSIX will search and index conversations taking place on social network services, such as Twitter, StockTwits, and Facebook including the most reliable and authoritative Newswires, online newspapers, trade publications and blogs. SSIX will classify and score content using a framework of qualitative and quantitative parameters called X-Scores, regardless of language, locale or data architecture.

Redlink brings to the project  knowledge and technologies for data processing. We lead the development of the Analysis Processing Pipeline, a scalable processing infrastructure providing insights on massive amounts of social data.

Participants of this project are: INSIGHT@NUI Galway (Ireland, Project Coordinator),  Universität Passau (Germany), Peracton (Ireland), Redlink GmbH (Austria), Handelsblatt Research Institute (Germany), 3rdPLACE (Italy), EurActiv (Belgium) and Lionbridge (Finland).

EU_FLAG (1)The project is partly funded by the European Union, Horizon 2020, Objective: Big data and Open Data Innovation and take-up, under grant agreement No 645425.


Linked Data publishing for touristic sector

While the touristic service offers become present and bookable in TourPackabundance on the ICT communication channels, TourPack aims to build a linked data -empowered system for touristic service packaging. Integrating information from multiple sources and systems employing linked data as a global information integration platform, and mining from the depths of the “closed” data, the touristic service package production system will be able to cater to creating the most optimal travel experience for the traveler. Further, the service packages will be efficiently published and made bookable to the end consumers via intelligently selected most suitable communication and booking channels: especially the ICT channels with rapidly growing user audiences, such as the social media and the mobile apps.

In TourPack – Redlink provides the data processing infrastructure. All the transformed data is stored in the Redlink Platform and accessible via a variety of APIs to mobile app providers. 

Participants of this project are: STI Innsbruck (Project Coordinator), SeekdaRedlink GmbH and m-Pulso.

ffgTourPack is partially funded by the  The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) IKT der Zukunft program under grant agreement no. 845600..

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