Did you know that one of the ASF's most active projects is Apache Marmotta™?

John Pereira


Sally Khudair Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation in a recent blog talks about the progress of Apache Marmotta. He begins by pointing out that Apache Marmotta is currently one of the most active ASF projects. He goes on to explain:

“Apache Marmotta was created to provide an Open Source implementation of Linked Data technologies in general, and Linked Data Platform in particular. Usually organizations who want to use this technology need to assemble together different pieces of software, with the obvious problems derived, both technical and legal. Apache Marmotta satisfies that need of the industry, supporting almost any use-case with a permissive Open Source license”.

Redlink is using Apache Marmotta and our team is doing an amazing job to push the LDP standard as open-source. In addition our goal is to make these technologies widely available via easy-to-use APIs. Stay tuned to test our APIs.