Build your first Semantic Application with Redlink

John Pereira


[mt_dropcap style=”3″] O [/mt_dropcap]ur motivation is to bring the power of content analysis  and linked data technologies to a wider audience of IT integrators, and hence end-users. To deliver on this promise we are keenly aware that the complexity of such technologies need to be kept under the hood while keeping you focused on what is important, i.e. how to add value to your data.

In this screencast we show how easy it is for non-experts to setup their first Redlink App that analyses content based on a customised dataset (user dictionary). With this simple App you can automatically analyse all your legacy data according to the facts that are most important to your business needs. This is our first version of the Redlink dashboard and we are hard at work on the new version that promises to put more powerful content analysis features at your fingertips.

VIDEO – Create your first Redlink App!

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Lead the innovation of Content Analysis and Open Source

Since our inception last year, we have been focused on leading the delivery of semantic technologies  as a full data platform completely based on open standards. Thanks to the contributions of so many to Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta. These contributions address critical requirements and here at Redlink our goal is to make these technologies accessible and enterprise ready.

Extend and enable the ecosystem. A modern approach to NLP

We are also focused on enabling a broader ecosystem of NLP vendors and we have deep engineering and go-to-market partnerships with research institutions and startups active in the content analysis market to extend Redlink content analysis capabilities even further.