Redlink Search Engine

Finally a search engine for content managers

Why the Redlink Search Engine?

  • Own your Data & Control your Search
  • Easy to Configure & Integrate
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Key Features

  • Synonym and Keyword Management
  • Based on open source Apache Solr
  • Preview of Thumbnails and Videos
  • Data Linking for Entity Search
  • Advanced Autocompletion
  • Search Results Ranking
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Mobile ready

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Redlink Search Roadmap

  • Key Technical & User Features (Version 1.4.1)
    • Based on Solr 5.x features, reliable, performant and stable
    • Applying an extended Textrank Algorithm for extracting keywords. Using extracted headings, titles and custom mark-up as keyphrases (html, rich-text)
    • Extracting more than 200 document formats with Apache Tika
    • Permutativ infix autocompletion – type ahead in your own keyword order
    • Extraction of images (og:images or best guess) and videos from html and using as thumbnails
    • Extraction of Named Entities (person, location, organisation, concepts)
    • Thumbnails for PDFs
    • Automatic swapping between main and staging indices, while reindexing
    • Redlink connectors for JDBC, Web, Files and Directories
    • Redlink Data connector for Persons
  • Whitepaper available in German and English.
  • Languages for keyword extraction and Named Entity Recognition supported: DE, EN, ES, IT

Version 1.5 (December 2016)

  • Access rights for users and groups based on sources
  • Direct Integration of Search Analytics and Configuration, new UI concept
  • Plugins for several ECMS and WCMS
  • Keyword-Seeding and Taxonomy Management